Is An Electric Car Right For You?

So you filled up the tank on your compact car and the total came to over $50.00 and you said to yourself, “I wish I had one of those electric cars.” There are many factors to owning an electric car, not the least of which is the additional cost to buy one.

• Commute distance

• Parking at home with electricity

• 110 volt or 220 volt at home

• Electricity at work As a rule of thumb, electric cars can go 40 miles on a charge.

That means your commute must be less than 20 miles each way. Ideally, where you park at work has a place to plug in and recharge and does your employer cover that cost? In Connecticut, The Hartford recently unveiled it’s charging station for employees.

BMW has an app for your smart phone to figure out if an electric car is for you. 

  The government has gotten into the act. The Department of Energy, Google, leaders in electric vehicle deployment have combined efforts to map alternative fuel filling stations on a Google map. Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center: Alternative Fueling Station Locator So do your research before you sign on the dotted line.

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