Help Available For Gay And Lesbian Teens


LGBTQ Spirit Day is a day to remember all those young people who took their lives because of their sexual orientation. They were bullied at school, in their communities or at home because of their sexual orientation and in honor of them people across the country are wearing purple.

Gay teen suicide has been in the news recently with the deaths of six young men in the past few weeks, but it's been happening for years.

A study by Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network said almost 90 % of them will be verbally or physically harassed. They are two to three times more likely to attempt suicide than straight teens according to a 1989 government report.

There are a variety of resources for LGBT teens. The It Gets Better project are YouTube videos by people who faced challenges growing up and want young people to know that it does get better.

Second, The Trevor Project . This is a place for LGBT youth to talk to someone in confidence about what they are going through and it's free.

Locally there's True Colors , a support group for sexual minority youth

Next there's the website Stop Bullying Now. It's designed to help parents talk to their kids about bullying and help them prevent it.

The people at Lambda Legal have a site called Out Safe And Respected to show students what national resources exist to help them and what their legal rights are.

And if you are a parent who has an LGBT child, reach out to PFLAG Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays


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