The (Literal) Road To Kingston, Tales Of Traveling UConn Fans

We have spent months documenting the figurative "road to the Final Four" traveled by the UConn Women. It's passed through Kansas State and Kentucky just to name a few.

But what about the many roads traveled by true blue fans in their sedans and sports cars, all to be there to cheer on the team? Most recently, fans headed to Kingston Rhode Island, about an hour and a half drive from central Connecticut. And in my recent experience from talking with fans, if you follow the UConn Women you REALLY follow them, from Indy to Philly and back again.

But why? I met up with a group of four friends who have been following the team for over 15 years. They shared with me the sense of growing with the team and, yes, they think the women hit their threes better than the men.

Where They've Been

Why They Do It

Just like my new friends suggested, I made a small adventure out of my trip to Kingston by giving myself three tasks: learn something new, find something cool and eat something good.

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