Facebook Down? And Travel Bargains


Omg!!! The internet is broken!!!! Twice last week Facebook wentoffline for an extended period of time and as expected a lot ofpeople began freaking out trying to figure out if the problem wasassociated with their computer or with Facebook. Well, wonder nomore. The next time you can't get to your favorite website,checkout these websites to get the digital 411!

Down Right Now
Down For Everyone, Or Just Me?

Still trying to figure out a good reason to join Twitter? Well,how about helping you find great fall air travel bargains. Almostall airlines have jumped on the Twitter bandwagon and are offeringdeep discounts and exclusive deals to followers.

Airlines On Twitter
Fly From BDL
Air Fare Watchdog

As a follow up to cheap airline travel, once you get to yourdestination you'll need someplace to stay. Well, how about stayingat a mansion in Italy for free, or a Midtown Manhattan penthousefor zilch? We'll also show you a website where you can rent a carand never set foot in Hertz, Avis or Budget. Plus you can open thedoor of your rental ride with your iPhone!

Home Exchange
Home Link USA
Get Around

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