Making Cards for Sandy Hook

South Windsor High School

Coming together as a community, South Windsor residents donated handmade cards to the families of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

            Hannah Reichle, a graduate of South Windsor High School organized the event at the Community Center. She set up tables with markers, paper, scissors, and everything needed to make these cards. Reichle feels that her good deeds will be returned. "I feel the need to help others when they're in need because I would want the same if I were in trouble,"she said.

             The word got around South Windsor and even inspired some students to come home from college to participate in the community service.

            Hundreds of cards were made for the holiday season. Brody Secore, who was involved was touched that he could help out. "It was a really great experience to know that I could help in a small way but also make people feel a lot better," he said. This event boosted the spirits of the families and did the same for the students involved.

            Throughout South Windsor, local businesses also donated their time and goods to Sandy Hook families. Dunkin Donuts was able to donate coffee and donuts to Newtown and Panera Bread also donated food items. These businesses felt the need to let all their customers know that they could donate $1 for every purchase made, and it would be put into a Sandy Hook fund for the victim's families.

            Over 200 cards were made by students. Sayings on the cards included, "You are loved,"  "Happy Holidays," and "Happy New Year," as well as personalized messages by individual students showing their love and care.

            Keeping families in mind throughout all of their hardships is a trait in which South Windsor takes pride.

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