CT Wine Trail Kicks Off Summer Season This Memorial Day Weekend

Drink up the New England charm and coastal majesty of the <runtime:topic id="PLGEO100100200000000">Connecticut</runtime:topic> Wine Trail. The flavor of the wines are as diverse as the villages in which they're produced.

There are 24 vineyards on the Connecticut Wine Trail, divided into the eastern and western side of the state. The eastern trip includes the Connecticut shoreline and the <runtime:topic id="ORCRP003791">Connecticut River</runtime:topic> Valley. The western trail leads through the highlands of <runtime:topic id="PLGEO100100203000000">Litchfield County</runtime:topic>. 

Each vineyard offers tours -- some require reservations -- as well as wine tastings. Connecticut's climate is ideal for growing popular varieties of red wines such as Cabernet Franc, Saint Croix, and Merlot. Connecticut's wineries also produce a wide variety of white wines with dry, barrel fermented Chardonnays, Cayuga, and Pinot Gris being the most popular.

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