Listen to "Anesidora" by Cult of Ulysses

Listen to "Anesidora" by Cult of Ulysses

If you've been to a rock show in Connecticut in the past few years, you've probably been in the same room as Chris Mariotti, who runs the popular blog Lonesome Noise with friend and fellow music-head (and former Tribune employee) Chip McCabe.

Mariotti covers local bands as a writer, but he's also a skilled musician. "Anesidora," Mariotti's first album as Cult of Ulysses, pulls together players he's written about on his blog: drummer/multi-instrumentalist Floyd Kellogg (VIOLENT MAE, who also produced "Anesidora" at Hartford's Casa De Warrenton Studios); singers Jon Dostou (Phonosynthesis), Leah Lorenzo (Farewood), Craig Douglas (Omega Vague); and several others. (McCabe co-wrote and sings "Beast of Gévaudan," and also took the album's cover photo.)

On Friday, Mariotti and friends will play the album from start to finish at Arch Street Tavern in Hartford, with a different singer on every song. Friday is also Halloween, Mariotti's 40th birthday and the 10th anniversary celebration for Shag Frenzy, Derek Warren's DJ outfit.

Click below to listen to "Anesidora II," a track with lyrics and vocals by Douglas. "Anesidora" costs $10 on the Cult of Ulysses bandcamp site, but you can buy it for $5 at the show.


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