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Hartford Rapper Anne:Gogh Fights Conformity On New Album '!ndiGogh'

‘Look, listen, pay attention, live,” Hartford-area rapper and visual artist Anne:Gogh tells us — and maybe herself — on “Wow,” the opening track from her second full-length album, “!ndiGogh,” available now through her Bandcamp site.

The eight songs on “!ndiGogh” feature sample-based and made-from-scratch tracks produced by six Connecticut beat-makers. Her lyrics mostly point inward; she uncovers anxiety, fear and self-loathing, then battles them with word-play.

“I was born, quote-unquote, just different,” Anne tells Courant music writer Mike Hamad when they sat down to listen to tracks from “!ndiGogh.”

“I don’t want to just do it because you said so. No, I’m going to go find out. I’m going to know that person, even though that happened. I just have no conforming inside of me. That’s why things are so hard sometimes.”

Studio tracks from “!ndiGogh” on the above podcast include “Wow” (00:00), “Wind” (06:27), “Crimson” (10:36), “Conformed” (16:32) and “Far Away” (22:22).

Stream and purchase Anne:Gogh’s music at annegogh.bandcamp.com, or listen on Soundcloud at annegogh88. Visit Anne’s Facebook page (facebook.com/annegogh) for upcoming performances and exhibits displaying her artwork.

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