Milky Chance Plays College Street Music Hall

Special to The Courant

Milky Chance, a German duo, makes music that splits the difference between late-night sleepy aloofness and the implied dance rhythms of carnival festivities. Its breakout single “Stolen Dance” has a relentless syncopated acoustic guitar part at its heart, giving the song a faux-reggae vibe. Part of its refrain is about being “stoned in paradise.”

Milky Chance makes songs that seem to be designed for club remixes and pounding beats. At times, the baked aesthetic of King Krule comes to mind in the slurred delivery, but flashes of more hugely popular artists like the Chainsmokers and Coldplay can be heard in these songs too. Milky Chance does a nice job of blurring the distinction between weed-fueled indie folk and club pop. And, with its flash success, the duo has evolved a bit since making records at home.

Milky Chance performs at College Street Music Hall, 238 College St., New Haven, on Sunday, Jan. 21, at 8 p.m. Tickets are $30.

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