Lake Street Dive To Perform At College Street

Special to The Courant

Lake Street Dive is named after a Minneapolis strip. The band formed in Boston and now is based in New York City. It sounds kind of Memphis-y. And the band recorded its new record, “Free Yourself Up,” in Nashville. So, they’re all over the place, sort of.

The eclectic soul-pop quartet does range fairly wide, but its sound is still focused. One can’t help but think of Amy Winehouse and Feist when listening to lead vocalist Rachael Price, with her mix of retro belting oomph and balance of cool restraint. There are comparisons to be made to Hall & Oates, with the careful soul homage harmonies, and even to bands like Cake that specialized in a tight, crisp, winking, allusive style. Lake Street Dive earned a lot of attention for its playful but catchy tune “Side Pony,” an ode to a jaunty hairstyle.

And the new record has “Good Kisser,” a similarly funny, but slightly deeper song about wanting an ex to be fair-minded in a post-breakup assessments of one’s virtues. And another single, “I Can Change,” sounds touched by an of-the-moment sadness and worry. The band has a regional connection, having recorded its first record on Northampton’s Signature Sounds label. Lake Street Dive have serious instrumental and vocal chops.

The four members (joined by an equally talented keyboardist on tour) execute their tight harmonies and subtly dynamic material while maintaining a sense of effortless good time. See Lake Street Dive at College Street Music Hall, 238 College St., New Haven, on Wednesday, May 9, at 8 p.m. Tickets are $39.50 to $44.50.

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