Gin Blossoms To Play Infinity Hartford

Special to The Courant

For a lot of songwriters and bands out there laboring away in obscurity, if you were to write one really good, durable and memorable song, that might be sufficient success to justify all of the woodshedding, scribbling, open-mics and so-so crowds.

The Gin Blossoms have written at least four. You almost certainly know “Hey Jealousy,” that jangly, slightly petulant and self-pitying ‘90s anthem of heartache and bitterness. Another hit with a related, unfortunate slut-shaming vibe, “Found Out About You,” is catchy in a Smithereens-y fashion. And “Til I Hear It From You” holds up pretty well. Then there was “Allison Road,” in a similar vein, but even a little moodier.

When San Francisco psych-rock revivalists White Fence covered that song a few years ago it was proof of just how thoroughly the Gin Blossoms (named after the awful and poetic term for the flushed, swollen protrusions and broken capillaries of heavy drinkers) had seeped into all of our heads.

This show celebrates 25 Years of “The New Miserable Experience,” the band’s hit-loaded album. See and hear the 21st century iteration of the Gin Blossoms at Infinity Hall, 2 Front St., Hartford, on Thursday, Feb. 22, 8 p.m. Tickets are $29 to $79. 866-666-6306 and

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