The Floozies to play the Warehouse

Special to the Courant

The Floozies are a fizzy funktronica duo from Kansas. They use laptops, guitars, loops and live drums. The music is designed to move a dancefloor or a festival tent. The Floozies are a product of both the jam-band scene and of EDM culture. They’re brothers. But the Hill brothers, Matt and Mark, unlike so many brother duos, seem to actually get along.

Slinky, scrubbed-out funk guitar lines, super-gritty and ultra-low bass lines, shivering electro touches, with abrupt stops and precision slicing and dicing make the music move with coiled energy. Fans of artists like Girl Talk and Javelin will enjoy what the Floozies are doing. The Floozies released “Funk Jesus” last year, it’s a groove-centric affair, with falsetto vocals, lickety-split production jump-cuts and an aesthetic built on slap-bass and vocoder effects. The Floozies are like a velvet-painting version of electronic dance music — gaudy, retro and fun. They have a nice tradition of giving out two free tickets to someone with a ridiculous made-up name at most of their shows — the first person who comes to the venue to claim them, wins. Watch their Twitter feed for the clue.

The Floozies play Fairfield Theater Company’s Warehouse, 70 Sanford St., Fairfield, on Dec. 6, at 8 p.m. Tickets $18 and $22. 203-259-1036 or

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