After national tour, Naugatuck’s A Will Away at the Webster

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Naugatuck’s A Will Away skews a little toward the emo zone, which means the band’s not scared of opting for big and epic sounds, pushing the vocals to the fraying point and generally aiming for large-scale effects. The band just released its full-length debut, “Here’s Again,” last year.

A Will Away can also bring to mind ‘90s hitmakers like Weezer and Everclear. The guitars sometimes create a post-punk atmosphere, pumping in texture and angularity. You get the feeling that A Will Away has a respect for hooks, but also admires a little complexity. It’s like a punk-pop band with a prog-rock heart. Listen to the way the long vocal line gets draped over the asymmetrical phrasing of the brief but pretty “Chemicals.”

The quartet knows how to stop on a dime, to punch up the dynamics from loud to extra-loud. They’ve been slogging away at DIY touring around the country for a several years and the effort has been paying off, with more and more fans in far-flung places coming out to see the band when they perform. This is, more or less, a hometown show.

See A Will Away at The Webster Underground, 31 Webster St., Hartford, on Dec. 7 at 6:30 p.m. $12 to $15. 860-525-5553 and

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