Wimbash: Music Legends At Sully's Pub

The Hartford Courant

A sizable chunk of GenXers can recite "Rapper's Delight," the groundbreaking 1979 hip-hop single by the Sugarhill Gang, from memory; its words — rapped by Wonder Mike, Master Gee and "Big Bank Hank" Jackson — were burned into our collective DNA before we knew it, while the endlessly repeating groove (nabbed from Chic's single "Good Times") conjures memories of rollerskating rinks and basement parties.

Wonder Mike and Master Gee will perform at the 11th annual WimBash at Sully's Pub in Hartford on Saturday, Sept. 13, along with pioneering bassist and organizer Doug Wimbish, a Hartford native well-known to everyone as a member of both the Sugarhill House Band and iconic rock collective Living Colour.

Other performers at WimBash 2014 include singer-songwriter Paul Pesco, 11-year-old guitar prodigy Brandon Niederauer (with his band the New Breed), hardcore act Sworn Enemy, local hip-hop/rock favorites Joey Batts and Them and tons more. All that for only $11.

WIMBASH 2014 takes place on Saturday, Sept. 13, at Sully's Pub in Hartford. Showtime is 2 p.m. Tickets are $11. Information: sullyspub.com.


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