Free Latino And Iberian Film Fest At Yale

The free Latino and Iberian Film Festival at Yale, the New Haven university's annual celebration of Spanish-, Basque-, Catalan- and Portuguese-language cinema, runs Nov. 15 to 19.

Here's the lineup of feature films and shorts, all which have English subtitles. Unless otherwise noted, all screenings are at Whitney Humanities Center, 53 Wall St. in New Haven. Details at

Nov. 15

2 p.m.: Spanish shorts: "She and He"; "Funky Lola"; "Areka"; "Mai"; "Eclipse"; and "La habitación de las estrellas."

3 p.m.: Shorts: "Fifi Patelito Goes to the DMV" (USA); "Tango Dreams" (Peru/USA); "Arriba" (Peru); "The Blackberry and the Firebeatle" (Venezuela); and "Panorama" (Venezuela).

7 p.m.: "Tamara," a drama about a Venezuelan transgender man. Q&A with director Elia Schneider and producer José Novoa. Followed by reception.

Nov. 16

1 p.m.: Mexican shorts, including "Women Hollowing Curse"; "3 Variations on Ofelia"; and "Shine a Light."

2 p.m.: Brazilian shorts, including "Pool"; and "Under Clear and Innocent Waters."

4 p.m.: Cuban shorts, including "Natural Phenomena"; "Bateria"; "Night House"; "Duel"; and "Limbo." Q&A.

5:30 p.m.: "December Days" (Cuba). Q&A with producer Daniela Muñoz.

7 p.m.: "25 hours" (Cuba/USA) followed by Q&A with director Carlos Barba Salva; and "Not Like Before" (Cuba), a drama about two ex-lovers. Q&A with actor Luis Alberto García.

9:30 p.m.: Cuban shorts, "Now" and "To Build Another House." Q&A with director Eliecer Jiménez.

10:30 p.m.: "Nadie" (Cuba), a history of the Cuban revolution.

Nov. 17

2 p.m.: "Yerma." (Spain), a drama about infertility. Q&A with actor Susan Brickell.

4 p.m.: "Colonial Love" (Puerto Rico). Q&A with director Joelle G. Laguer.

5:30 p.m.: "God Willing, Yuli" (Dominican Republic/Haiti), documentary about a Haitian woman struggling to raise her children. Q&A with director Jean Jean.

7 p.m.: "La mujer del Animal" (Colombia), a drama about a woman forced to marry. Q&A with director Víctor Gaviria.

9:30 p.m.: Colombian shorts "Our Land" and "Girls of Uchituu."

10:30 p.m.: "Mark´s Three Worlds" (Puerto Rico), a comedy about a fugitive in a small town.

Nov. 18

10 a.m.: "Los Fabulosos Ma' Mejores" (Dominican Republic), a comedy about a kids' baseball team. Luce Hall, 34 Hillhouse Ave.

Noon: Portuguese shorts: "The Case of J. José Filipe Costa" and "Campo de Víboras."

1 p.m.: "All of us are stars" (Perú), a documentary about two brothers, one a writer and one a filmmaker.

3 p.m.: "Dominó" (Cuba). Q&A with actor Luis Alberto García.

4 p.m.: "Olancho" (Honduras), a documentary about a songwriter who angers a drug cartel. Q&A with directors Chris Valdés & Ted Griswold.

5:30 p.m.: "Sowing" (Colombia). Q&A with director Angela Osorio.

7:30 p.m.: "Such is Life in the Tropics" (Ecuador), a thriller about a squatter community threatened by a landlord. Q&A with actor Víctor Arauz.

10 p.m.: "Days and Nights Between War and Peace" (Colombia/Germany/Guatemala).

Nov. 19

11 p.m.: Animated shorts: "Vicenta" (Ecuador); Naranja" (Colombia); "The machine" (México); "Rise" (Colombia); and "La ballerine" (Colombia). Q&A with Miguel Rueda of Colombia, who made two of the films.

Noon: "Andres Reads and Writes" (Chile).

2 p.m.: "Your Parents Will Come Back" (Uruguay).

3:30 p.m.: "Great Rivers of the Great Homeland" (Argentina).

5 p.m.: Cuban shorts: "The Fisherman"; "Tilín tilín Cuba"; "An Instant"; "The Half of this Story"; "Eyes Half Shut"; and "Against the Wind." Q&A with directors Ana Alpízar and Deymi D'Atri.

7:30 p.m.: "Nobody is Watching," an LGBT story from Argentina. Q&A with director Julia Solomonoff. Followed by reception.

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