'Deflategate Documentary' At Real Art Ways

For one night only, Real Art Ways, 56 Arbor St. in Hartford, screens a documentary whose subject has been sticking in the craw of New England Patriots fans for years.

“Four Games in Fall: The Deflategate Documentary” examines accusations of deflated footballs in NFL games. It features interviews with NFL Players’ Association spokesman George Atallah, law professor Robert Blecker, Patriots attorney Daniel L. Goldberg, MIT professor John J. Leonard, Sports Illustrated legal analyst Dean Michael McCann, former ESPN reporter Jane McManus, journalist Jim Morris, attorney Jonathan Ruckdeschel, Barstool Sports writer Jerry Thornton and Prof. Andrew E. Wilson.

Director Julie Marron will be present at the screening and will do a Q&A after. It will be shown on Thursday, July 12, at 7:15 p.m. Admission is $11, $8 students and seniors, $6 members, $5.50 senior and student members. realartways.org.

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