Yocco's Cheese Dogs Tour

From Route 22, take Airport Road north and turn left onto Schoenersville Road. Make third right onto Colonial Road, then a right on Lynnwood to see 49 and its nearby companion display. Take special note of 49 Lynnwood's two redneck nutcrackers, complete with tattoos, missing teeth, beer cans and exposed pot bellies.

Return to Schoenersville, turn left and left again to head north on Airport Road/987. When you hit 329, turn right and then stay left on 329 where it splits with Jacksonville. In Bath, follow the signs to 512 north. After you pass Fox, you'll see a very nice display facing 512 at 2500 Cherrywood Lane, a favorite of our college-aged judge Adrienne. You can turn right at Cherrywood and turn around so you can head back south on 512. When you hit 248/Northampton Street, turn left, then make a right onto Broad. The whole street is great, but my judges particularly enjoyed the nominated home at 249 Broad, decorated nicely into the backyard. Turn right on Main Street, pick up 248/Lehigh Drive and head west.

Drive about five miles, past Cigar Road, and turn left at W. Beersville Road, just before the school bus parking area. Follow that as it becomes Church Road and you hit the beautiful display at 3465 Church. I love all those bright colored trees, and there's lots to see all around. Turn right at Kreidersville/Walnut and left when you hit 248/Lehigh Drive again. Just past the turn marked with arrows, turn left on Locust and left on Heather Court for 4049, a lovely gingerbread house that has added to its already terrific display. Return to 248/Lehigh Drive, turn left, pass Recker and turn right on Sycamore. (The only sign is on the other side of the road). There's a nice display at 4024 Sycamore, and we were mesmerized by the giant lighted log cabin next door, including the big Christmas tree inside.

Return to 248/Lehigh Drive, turn left at the light onto Blue Mountain Drive and then make your first right on Cherryville Road, then right onto Stagecoach Drive. You'll find a big Lights-in-the-Parkwayesque display at 670 Stagecoach.

Go back to Blue Mountain Drive, turn right and continue to the Treichlers Bridge, where you'll turn left onto 145 toward Laurys Station. At the diner, turn right on Rising Sun Road, right again on Wynnewood and check out the lovely display at 1106 Greenbriar Lane, complete with toy soldiers on guard.

Return to 145 and continue south. Just after the sign for Strawberry Acres, turn right on Clearview Road. After you pass Mulberry, turn right on Oakland and make your second left on Redwood. The display at 2248 Redwood looks like the Emerald City from a distance, and it also looks great close up.

Back to Clearview, turn right, then left on Scheidys. Take that to West Street and onto 329, where you'll bear left, then left on Church, by Rileys Hotel. After cheering for the Eagles (you'll see what I mean), turn right at the second stop sign, make the next left onto Thebes Turn and then right onto Ammon Way for 4235 Ammon, which has two nice Nativity scenes and lots of Santas. They're collecting for the local food bank.

Return to 329, turn left and then right onto 145. Go right on Mechanicsville to see 3763 Mechanicsville, right across from Whitehall High School. The school parking lot is the best place to stop and admire this.

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