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Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Marcos Maidana: round-by-round recap

The fight doesn’t have the anticipation of previous ones. Floyd Mayweather has handled all that was thrown at him. So who is this Marcos Maidana and why should this fight matter?

Maidana has a decent record at 35-3, with 31 of those wins by knockout. But, he’s never fought anyone at Maywether’s level and does not appear to be someone who can fight at that level.

The bigger question is if Mayweather can send Maidana to the canvas before the 12-round finish. Mayweather has not knocked out anyone since September 2011, when Victor Ortiz was decked when he dropped his gloves while trying to apologize for a head butt.

But if you discount that, you have to go back to 2008 since Mayweather has scored a knockout. 

The fight has a good person in charge in referee Tony Weeks, who was last in the spotlight when he stopped the Canelo Alvarez-Alfredo Angulo fight in March.

The judges for the WBC and WBO welterweight title unification bout are veteran Dave Moretti, Burt Clements and Michael Pernick.

Some have said that the most important thing to Mayweather is keeping his undefeated 45-0 record intact. This is where he has yet another chance to prove he's the best pound-for-pound boxer.

Here are round-by-round updates of the fight (scoring is unofficial):

Round 1: After three national anthems (Mexico, Argentina and the U.S.), the fighters emerged from their dressing rooms for what Maidana was hoping would be an upset for the ages. Mayweather entered with, appropriately enough, circus performers in front of him. Justin Beiber and Lil Wayne flanked the 37-year-old fighter on each side. Clearly, this was Mayweather’s big top. As the fighters met in the middle of the ring, Maidana was thowing punches but none were landing. After a clench Maidana landed with some left hooks. Mayweather was caught on the ropes as Maidana was connecting with both lefts and rights, although his left hook was most effective. Times card: Maidana wins round, 10-9.

Round 2: Mayweather comes out strong with some rights and then connects with a left hook. Maidana backs Mayweather on the ropes and lands some good shots to the body. Mayweather lands a solid right that rocks Maidana’s head. Still Maidana is giving Mayweather more than he thought he would see. Times card: Mayweather wins round, 10-9. Fight is even, 19-19.

Round 3: Maidana continues to show strength, backing Mayweather on the ropes although referee Tony Weeks calls time out to warn Maidana about rabbit punches. Few expected this kind of brawl. Mayweather lands a strong right to the head but Maidana backs Mayweather on the ropes and starts throwing punches wildly. Times card: Maidana wins round, 10-9, and leads fight, 29-28.

Round 4: After a clench, Maidana complains about Mayweather throwing elbows. Mayweather starting to take the fight to Maidana with some precise punches as Maidana continues to throw wildly. Mayweather lands a strong body shot. Mayweather keeps checking his right eye as blood starts to form on the bridge of his nose and possibly on the side of his right eye. Times card: Mayweather wins round, 10-9. Fight is even, 38-38.

Round 5: The cut over Mayweather’s eye, caused by an accidental head butt in the fourth round, seems to be less of a factor. Maidana lands another left and a grazing right. Mayweather counters with a right. Maidana is giving Mayweather much more than he thought, controlling the pace of the fight. Times card: Maidana wins round, 10-9 and leads fight, 48-47.

Round 6: This is where the fight starts to get interesting. Mayweather hasn’t been able to show his dominance and the wild-swinging Maidana seems to be controlling the fight. When Mayweather lands, he’s effective. Maidana continues to bully Mayweather on the ropes. Mayweather lands with an uppercut.  Late in the round Mayweather starts to show some life despite a strong left from Maidana. Times card: Maidana wins round, 10-9 and leads fight, 58-56.

Round 7: Maidana comes out and backs Mayweather into the corner but doesn’t land any effective punches.  In the center of the ring Mayweather continues to be precise landing both lefts and rights. On the ropes, however, Maidana looks more dominating but his wild punches do not seem to be doing any harm. Mayweather is starting to assert himself, especially in the middle of the ring. The fight is starting to turn toward Mayweather. Times card: Mayweather wins round, 10-9; Maidana leads fight, 67-66.

Round 8: Maidana comes out strong with some good body shots, especially when he can back Mayweather into the corner. Maidana hits Mayweather with a shot below the belt and gets warned by the referee. This round is clearly up for grabs. Maidana hits Mayweather on the chin, backing him into the ropes again. The fight is close and the out come will be very close. Times card: Maidana wins round, 10-9, and leads fight, 77-75.

Round 9: The fight is close enough that you can’t declare a clear leader and Mayweather’s reputation is likely to give him some rounds that are close. Mayweather tries to keep the fight in the middle of the ring, where he is superior. Mayweather lands a left and then a right. Mayweather lands a right cross and then a combination. Mayweather is taking control of the round. Times card: Mayweather wins round, 10-9; Maidana leads fight, 86-85.

Round 10: Mayweather connects on a stiff jab and then a combination that slows Maidana. Mayweather is clearly starting to show more stamina and is keeping the fight in the center of the ring, where he is most effective. Mayweather now backs Maidana into the ropes, perhaps for the first time. Maidana switches it up and backs Mayweather to the ropes but does little damage. Mayweather counters with a good right. Times card: Mayweather wins round, 10-9. Fight is even, 95-95.

Round 11: Mayweather keeps the fight in the middle of the ring where he is most effective. Mayweather’s left hook looks sharp even when he misses. Both fighters exchange punches but Mayweather connects with a right cross. Maidana backs Mayweather against the ropes but his wild punches once again do little damage. Maidana almost pushes Mayweather through the ropes, bringing the crowd to its feet. But a late right by Mayweather may have been enough to give him the round. Times card: Mayweather wins round, 10-9 and leads fight, 105-104.

Round 12: Is there an upset in the making? Probably not. Mayweather comes out sharp although there is a lot of free swinging by Maidana. Mayweather’s precision should be enough to give him a close decision in this round and likely the bout. It wasn’t a great final round with no one showing much of an advantage. Times card: Mayweather wins round, 10-9, and wins fight, 115-113.

The judges give Mayweather a majority decision. Judge Michael Pernick called it a draw at 114-114. Burt Clements had a wildy favored decision for Mayweather, 117-111, and Dave Moretti called it 116-112 for Mayweather.


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