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Testing resources

Testing resources

For more information on school-based drug testing, as well as arguments for and against testing, go to:

White House Office of National Drug Control Policy — the Bush administration's case for testing, how it works and how to get information on federal grants. www.randomstudentdrugtesting.org

Monitoring the Future survey — the most recent statistical analysis of adolescent drug use in the United States, from the University of Michigan's annual survey. www.monitoringthefuture.org

NAADAC (Assn. for Addiction Professionals) — this nonprofit organization's policy statement on school-based drug testing. naadac.org/documents+/display.php?DocumentID=102

Institute for Behavior and Health — information for communities, educators, parents and students on adolescent drug use and testing, including how to implement testing programs, from an organization that studies drug prevention and treatment strategies and advocates school drug testing. www.PreventionNotPunishment.org

Drug Policy Alliance — research on drug testing policies from a nonprofit group that opposes school-based testing. www.drugpolicy.org

American Academy of Pediatrics — the most recent policy statement from the AAP on student drug testing: aappolicy.aappublications.org+/cgi/content/full/pediatrics;+119/3/627v

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