'Entourage' movie is moving forward, creator says

Good news for fans of Hollywood bromances: It looks like the "Entourage" movie is a go at long last.

On Monday, "Entourage" creator Doug Ellin tweeted a pic of the cast with the simple message, "It's a go. love you all."

Jeremy Piven, who played super-agent Ari Gold on the series also celebrated the news, writing, "Now it's time to go to WORK! the #EntourageMovie is on and I look forward to getting into it my friends. Thanks for your patience..."

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The comedy series, which followed a young movie star (played by Adrian Grenier) and his circle of guy friends on the loose in Hollywood ran on HBO from 2004 to 2011. Almost from the moment the series ended, all involved, including Ellin and executive producer Mark Wahlberg, have expressed their firm commitment to getting a feature film follow-up mounted.

After a protracted period of negotiations, it appears the core cast members, including Grenier, Piven, Jesse Ferrara, Kevin Dillon and Kevin Connolly are about to sign on for the feature film, according to the Hollywood Reporter, which says production is expected to start in January.

A year ago, Ellin spoke with Deadline and revealed that he was about to finish the feature-film script and that it would pick up six months after the series ended and would deal immediately with the final scene of the series in which Gold was offered a job as the chairman and CEO of Warner Bros.

The best thing for fans of the series is that they'll get to see more adventures with their favorite characters and they didn't even have to cough up dough on Kickstarter to do it.


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