What to expect from the last season of 'Girls': Andrew Rannells shares a couple hints

For Elijah Krantz on HBO’s “Girls,” Season 5 was a journey of moving past being a bystander to the romance chaos and actually opening himself up to love — even if only temporarily.

The season saw Elijah, played by Andrew Rannells, find the promise of a real, adult relationship in smooth news anchor Dill Harcourt (Corey Stoll). There was talk about meeting friends, an uncomfortable sex encounter and even a romcom-esque date in Times Square.

Of course,  this being “Girls,” happily ever after was not in the cards — with the penultimate episode having us hashtag #aimless and #knifeinheart. Still, the storyline certainly made for interesting scenarios when filming, particularly that Times Square date.  

PODCAST: Listen to our full interview with Andrew Rannells 

“That was pretty incredible because we had to shoot it obviously very late at night because it’s Time Square,” Rannells said when he stopped by the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday. “We had one steady cam that weirdly kind of disappeared in the crowd a little bit. … People were looking at us, but not seeing the camera. … We had a couple of takes where we would kiss, and then somebody would yell, ‘Peter Russo!’ ” [referring to Stoll’s character on “House of Cards.”)

Rannells, who has been moving between the stage and screen, said the ambiguousness of production that night had him thinking passersby suspected something else was in play.

“[Corey and I] would kiss and then, like, walk, and we would kiss again and keep walking,” Rannells recalled. The more they walked for the scene, the further behind the camera got. “I was like, ‘You realize people just think we’re dating.’ ”

In any case, the broken heart will surely spur something in Elijah in the upcoming sixth and final season. Production starts in two weeks, and Rannells said the cast already has gotten a glimpse of the first four scripts of the season.

We asked Rannells to give us a hint of what’s to come for Elijah in one word. He was feeling generous and gave us two:

Check out the full video for the reveal and his story on how that Lance Bass reference in “Girls” came to be. And, hey, we couldn’t have Rannells, who starred in the original cast of “The Book of Mormon” and was last seen on Broadway filling in for Jonathan Groff in “Hamilton,” here without talking theater.

Watch the full interview:


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