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  • Chew gum to lose weight?

    Chew gum to lose weight?

    A 5-calorie stick of gum is less fattening than a bag of chips. And it might even help suppress the appetite.

  • Statin-free supplement? Not quite

    Could you review red yeast rice? I've started taking it in an attempt to lower my cholesterol and stay off statins. Diana Sherman Oaks The products: Lowly fungi have an amazing ability to create compounds that have strong effects on humans (alcohol, hallucinogens and antibiotics, to name a few)....

  • Can magnets help kick the habit?

    Zerosmoke relies on acupressure, but research shows it may not live up to its name.

  • Slim results for 'electric exercise'?

    Slim results for 'electric exercise'?

    I see lots of ads for so-called exercise devices that use electric charges to work muscles. My mother used a similar product for several decades with no benefits. What's your take?CHUCK A., Santa Monica--The products: All of our actions — blinks, hand waves, stomach crunches — start with electrical...

  • Giver, beware

    Do the claims of these potential holiday presents hold up under scrutiny? The experts weigh in.