Young Woman Clinically Dead For 14 Minutes Saved With CPR, Protective Hypothermia

Twenty-two year olds aren't supposed to collapse.

"She was just kind of laying there, gasping for air," said Matt Lane, a friend that saved Stephanie Lee's life in Manchester, Conn., with CPR when she collapsed while working an event at Wickham Park. "Her body just went limp and turned blue."

The doctors said she was clinically dead for 14 minutes.

In the summer of 2010, an undiagnosed heart condition dropped Stephanie Lee, and only one person had a chance to save her - her co-worker Lane. "Luckily, Stephanie's phone was right there by the bar so I grabbed that, dialed 911, started doing chest compressions and breaths."

Lee was transported to Hartford Hospital, but wasn't out of the woods yet. Once her heart started beating again, that's when she faced a whole different set of problems.

By using therapeutic hypothermia, a team at Hartford Hospital saved Lee's life. Now, Lee has a pacemaker, and a second chance. "I am forever thankful," she says.

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