CCAG's Tom Swan, John Murphy, Others To Receive Community Service For Protest Blocking Interstate 84 Entrance At Broad Street In Hartford

Twelve protestors are expected to perform community service next month after briefly blocking the Interstate 84 entrance near the state armory last week in an act of civil disobedience.

The protest was led by union members and affiliated groups, and 12 leaders sat down at the entrance along Broad Street, immediately north of the William A. O'Neill Armory.

Connecticut Citizen Action Group executive director Tom Swan and his longtime deputy, John Murphy, were among those arrested. The gang of 12, which was missing one member, were told in court on Monday to return to perform community service next month.

The case is being overseen by Judge Raymond Norko, a famed jurist in Hartford who said he would consider ordering the group to clean up the nearby Occupy Hartford encampment that has sprung up on the triangle of land along Broad Street and Farmington Avenue near the Hartford train station.

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