Facing Eviction In Hartford, Nix's Owes $160K For South Windsor Location

A Front Street restaurant fighting eviction because it is behind on rent payments is also locked in a rent dispute with the landlord of its sister restaurant in South Windsor.

Nix's Kitchen in South Windsor is being sued for $160,104 in unpaid rent by its Evergreen Walk landlord. On Front Street in Hartford, Nix's is under threat of eviction for not paying $61,000 in rent.

Abner Kurtin, the owner of the two restaurants, has blamed a foul odor at Nix's on Front Street for causing a decline in business. The decline has led to a "cash flow" problem affecting both restaurants, he said.

Kurtin said Wednesday he has lined up $250,000 in financing to satisfy his debts, but he first must resolve what is causing the odor at the Hartford location and the court cases related to it. His investors, he said, won't release the funds until that happens.

The Metropolitan District Commission said Wednesday it flushed the sewer lines under Front Street but found no problems.

City health inspectors have experienced the odor and continue to work with Kurtin to identify the source of the smell, a city spokeswoman said Wednesday.

Kurtin also noted Wednesday that his Evergreen Walk landlord owes him $170,000 for improvements made to his leased space. But Evergreen Walk hasn't released those funds because Kurtin said he hadn't, until now, properly documented the cost of the work.

Kurtin has filed a lawsuit against his Hartford landlord, HB Nitkin Group, saying he shouldn't have to pay the rent for the months the restaurant has had to deal with the odor. Kurtin said Nitkin has done nothing to resolve the problem.

Nitkin declined to comment Wednesday, citing the pending litigation.

In addition to rent, Nix's Kitchen owes suppliers $115,842 court documents show. Nix's in Hartford owes suppliers $32,350, court documents show.

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