Close-up on Middlefield

The Hartford Courant

HOW IT GOT ITS NAME: Originally a parish of Middletown settled about 1700,Middlefield was named in 1744, probably after Middletown. It was incorporated inJune 1866.

HIGBY MOUNTAIN: Located on a trap rock ridge, Middlefield and Middletown'sHigby Mountain features blue-blazed hiking trails and a 892-foot peak oeringspectacular views. Along one trail is a cave that was frequented by the legendaryLeatherman, a silent vagabond wearing a makeshift suit of leather scraps whowalked a 365-mile loop between the Connecticut and Hudson rivers in the mid- tolate-1800s.

WINTERFEST: Lyman Orchard's 39th Annual Winterfest will be held Saturday,Feb. 26, and Sunday, Feb. 27. The event features ice sculpting contests, dogsled demonstrations, horse-drawn wagon rides, fruit tree pruning workshops,and free food samplings. For more information, visit or call860-349-1793.

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