HYPE Turns 10 With Front Street Party

HYPEy birthday to HYPE! 10 years celebrated with live music, free food and a special beer from Hooker Brewery

Hartford's Front Street District transformed into a block party on Wednesday, June 8, to celebrate 10 years of HYPE, an organization that helps young professionals and entrepreneurs become more involved in the Hartford community.

Live music from local bands, free food samples and a special "HYPEy Birthday" beer from Hooker Brewery fueled the party, which was attended by about 500 people. HYPE has nearly 5,000 members and holds about 70 events each year.

"We are celebrating not only a decade of HYPE, but of all the progress made in Hartford over the last 10 years," said Executive Director Julie Daly Meehan.

The city's young mayor, Luke Bronin, also spoke at the event.

"To feel Hartford's own unique, creative, idiosyncratic, fun, professional life all joining together for an event like this, it speaks volumes about where we are as a city and especially where we can go," said Bronin. "I think you can feel the energy in Hartford in a way that you haven't for a long time. We've had some big challenges, and we're going to face them head on … but, in the meantime, we've got a lot of great things."

"We owe everything to HYPE," said Julio Concepcion, a Hartford city council member. He and wife Erin of The Hartford Insurance Group met at a HYPE event and have since bought a home and started a family in Hartford's West End.

"We were fortunate enough to meet at an event and I think a lot of people have had that same experience," said Erin. "A lot of our current friends have had a lot of growth through HYPE."

Meehan said that the future of the city and for HYPE is bright.

"I'm so excited to see the further progression of Hartford and I know that HYPE will have a hand in it because we're definitely building the next leaders that are running this place," she said.

For more information on HYPE membership and networking events, visit hypehartford.com.

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