Goat Tracks Podcast: Exploring Dunkin' Donuts Park's Food, Fan Experience

In a twist that pays homage to both the namesake sponsor of Hartford's new ballpark and the city's inventive food scene, Dunkin' Donuts Park will offer something called a BLTDD: Bacon, lettuce, tomato — and Dunkin' Donuts.

You read that right. White toast is out. Two glazed doughnut "buns" are in.

It's quintessential minor-league concession stand indulgence. And it's just one of the revelations in the latest episode of the Goat Tracks podcast, which features Courant food and dining writer Leeeanne Griffin and CTNOW's self-proclaimed "Yard Goats Insider" Suzie Hunter.

You'll get a feel for the ballpark's basted, fried and smoked snacks (8:30), a sampling of the unique single-game promotions that will shake up the Goats' wardrobe (13:45) and a quick rundown of a roster that could feature some soon-to-be big leaguers (22:00).

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