Flavor Profile: Sushi Mizu In New Haven

Good sushi isn't that hard to come by in New Haven. We're fortunate as food lovers to have so many actually good restaurants to choose from whenever we get a craving for anything under the sun, and sushi is no exception. However, finding a great sushi place that will deliver is a little more difficult. We used to have to settle for whichever Chinese-food place happened to also have sushi on its menu and delivered. But not anymore. Enter Sushi Mizu.

Sushi Mizu is nestled on Whalley Avenue just past Popeye's, if you're heading away from downtown. Inside, there's a spacious dining room with a great view of the sushi bar and your food as it's made. Sushi Mizu specializes in large chunks of fish without going overkill on the rice. But where they really shine is they'll bring their deliciousness right to your door.

One recent afternoon I had a craving for some Sushi Mizu, and as luck would have it I was ordering during "lunch special" hours. Sushi Mizu has a number of lunch items on its menu, but the best is the selection of three rolls with soup or salad for $9.95. I always get the California roll, salmon avocado roll and tuna avocado roll, and Sushi Mizu has yet to disappoint me on my favorites. I ordered a salad with my lunch special, and also a miso soup ($1.75), because it's fall and soup is where it's at right now. As a special treat, I got a Tri-Color roll ($9.95) off the special rolls menu. Which is basically a California roll with salmon and tobiko on top.

I typically place my order through GrubHub.com, the online delivery ordering service that took over CampusFood.com. It's super easy to pick what you want, see what's in what you want, and know you've ordered what you want. And Grub Hub makes it easy to track your order and report problems as well. Next time you're stuck at home or at the office and you need a fix, see if your favorite restaurant is partnered with Grub Hub. I know I wouldn't be obsessed with Sushi Mizu right now if I hadn't had the option to order delivery online.

Sushi Mizu

47 Whalley Ave., New Haven, (203) 777-9888, sushimizunewhaven.com



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