Whey Station Grilled Cheese Truck Plans Middletown Restaurant With Expanded Menu

If you’ve been chasing around the Whey Station food truck for your grilled cheese fix, you’ll soon be able to find them at a brick-and-mortar storefront on Middletown’s Main Street.

Owners Jillian and Joshua Moskites, a husband and wife team, are taking over the former Keagan’s Irish Pub for their first restaurant, seven years after first launching the truck.

“I’ve been saying for the last couple years, that if I could find the perfect dive bar [space], I would do it,” Jillian Moskites says. A few months ago, her husband was online and found the listing for Keagan’s.

“It was just perfect, it was exactly what I wanted, 100 percent.”

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The location at 544 Main St. slated to open around Jan. 1, will offer table service for lunch and dinner, she says, with a menu split into “fun” and “fancy” halves. The more casual “fun” side will offer truck favorites like its decadent grilled cheese and tater tots, while Jillian will use the “fancy” items to display her knowledge of cheese, with plans for dishes like taleggio macaroni and cheese, raclette and fondue during winter months.The menu may also feature items Whey Station has experimented with during pop-up events, like chicken fingers and waffles.“We’re going to start simple and add to the menu once we get our feet under us,” Jillian said. “We want to be wise with how we do it.”

The new restaurant — which they’re considering calling Whey Station(ary) — will also serve beer and wine, with 12 draft beer lines to focus on Connecticut brews (with one German tap.) There will also be a “mug club” for both adults and kids, the latter with soft drinks like Italian cream sodas.

Whey Station’s truck operations will continue normally, Jillian said, with plans to have three vehicles on the road next year at regular stops like the Coventry Farmers Market and Hartford’s XFINITY Theatre. The truck will also maintain its late-night presence by Wesleyan University’s Middletown campus.

“I definitely think [a storefront] was on the horizon for us,” Jillian says. “We’re really excited, and we can’t wait. I’m glad we’ve been patient and let the business grow.”

Visit Whey Station Middletown’s Facebook page for updates.

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