GoldBurgers On Capitol Avenue In Hartford Closes

GoldBurgers, which opened just six months ago on the block opposite the new Capitol Lofts apartments, announced Monday it has closed.

“It was a risk,” read the post on Facebook. “It was a reach. It was a way to challenge ourselves in a year chock-full of challenges.”

The post noted there wasn’t one particular reason behind the decision to close “but rather a laundry list that made imminent survival unlikely, where time is the key variable.”

GoldBurgers was a business on a block that The Courant has been following for more than a year, as it struggles to make a comeback. In mid-October, owner Matt Crowley said business had reached a “second plateau” and more customer traffic was needed at night.

Crowley declined to elaborate on the Facebook post when reached Monday night.

“We will miss the community that made us feel at home,” the post said. “The neighborhood kids, the state employees, our neighbors at @littleriverbar and @storyandsoil coffee, and all the rest of you who came in to grab a bite from time to time.”

The post also noted: “You all made us feel like we were on the right track, and maybe we were. But unfortunately, we didn’t have the right place/right time magic needed for a small business (even with our reputation) to succeed.”

The post had harsh words for the city, urging leaders to better support small businesses in the city’s neighborhoods.

“And if everyone wants small local businesses to do well, then please frequent them,” the post read. “Forget the chains. Forget the convenient choices. Go out of your way to support those who are risking everything we have to provide a service within your community. Sorry we couldn't get it done, but it wasn't for the lack of trying.”

Crowley recently opened the 5 and Dime Canteen next to GoldBurgers in Newington.

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