Whey Station Hopes To Replace Its Totaled 'Cheesy Chariot' By Spring

The Whey Station's "cheesy chariot" is out of commission after a weekend crash in rainy weather.

The popular food truck specializing in grilled cheese, owned and operated by husband and wife team Joshua and Jillian Moskites, suffered damage after a Sunday afternoon collision in Coventry. 

Jillian Moskites said her husband was driving home in the rain from the Coventry Farmers Market at Hale Homestead when the truck slid on wet leaves, skidded off the road and hit a tree. No one was injured, but the truck was totaled. 

"The frame is completely twisted," she says. "There's so much weight with the cooking equipment that we didn't hit fast, but that quick stop was enough and it completely twisted the frame." The impact also caused damage to the truck's interior cooking and preparation space, including its cabinets and sink. 

The couple is weighing options for a new vehicle, hoping to have another full-sized truck ready for service by spring, Moskites says.

In the meantime, Whey Station will use its trailer to continue its planned schedule of catering and late-night stops by Wesleyan University's campus. (The trailer is not permitted in Hartford, Moskites says, so they won't be out for lunches in the city.) They're also planning to get a second trailer on the road soon.

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