Millwright's, Bear's Smokehouse Plan Pop-Up Events

Pop-up BBQ dinners at @MillwrightsCT with @BearsSmokehouse start Aug. 10

Coming off a successful barbecue-themed dinner at Community Farm, where courses included smoked clam and mussel chowder, Wagyu beef "BLTs" and prized Mangalitsa pork, Millwright's chef-owner Tyler Anderson and Bear's Smokehouse owner Jamie McDonald will partner again for weekly pop-up events at Anderson's Simsbury restaurant. 

"The Cook and the Bear," with barbecue-inspired menu items and drink specials, starts Monday, Aug. 10 in Millwright's Tavern space. In an email, Anderson said the menu will feature smoked meats (brisket, pork butt, smoked wings, sausage) and meat sandwiches, and farm-fresh sides like smoked beets with cumin yogurt (the first course at the July 16 dinner) and grilled corn with "flavors of a Greek salad." 

The barbecue nights begin at 5 p.m. Millwright's is at 77 West Street. 860-651-5500,


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