McDonald's Offering All-Day Breakfast

You can now order an Egg McMuffin after 10:30 a.m. All day breakfast at McDonald's starts Oct. 6

Starting Tuesday, you can order that Egg McMuffin after 10:30 a.m. Really.

Breakfast for lunch, or even dinner, is possible at McDonald's as of Oct. 6, as the worldwide chain introduces its all-day menu of egg sandwiches, hotcakes and other morning favorites. After the former cutoff time, those items will remain available alongside the Big Mac and Filet-o-Fish. 

In Connecticut and Western Massachusetts, the breakfast offerings are limited and based on local customer preference, according to a news release. The menu includes Egg McMuffin and sausage McMuffin sandwiches (but excludes the Egg White Delight); hotcakes with sausage, a sausage burrito and sides of fruit and yogurt parfait, fruit and maple oatmeal and hash browns. (Available items will vary by location.) 

"We're excited to offer All Day Breakfast to our customers, as we know they've been asking for it," said Scott Taylor, local McDonald's owner/operator and president of the Connecticut and Western Massachusetts McDonald's Owner/Operator Association, in a statement. According to the company, McDonald's received more than 120,000 tweets requesting all-day breakfast over the course of one year. 

The All Day Breakfast promotion comes 40 years after the Egg McMuffin was first introduced to American restaurants, in 1975. McDonald's officially added breakfast to its menu in 1977.

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