Save The Bright Spot

"I don't trust many people with my child, and she treats each child like their hers" says Michelle Beathard, a Coventry mother of two.  She's talking about Dawne Morison, the owner and director of The Bright Spot Children's Playplace in Vernon.  Dawne tells me she's leaving her "baby" because her husband got a job offer they couldn't refuse out of state, "we made a decision in the best interest of our children."  That's not to say the choice was easy.  Talking to her, you can see how difficult it was.  Dawne was a teacher until the birth of her first child and tells me she planned to stay home with him.  The idea to open The Bright Spot was a gradual one that she executed following the birth of her daughter.  Dawne put a business plan together and opened The Bright Spot October 15th, 2010.  "I remember not seeing one person all day except the mailman at first" she tells me, but then the business started to grow steadily.  So much so, they moved from their original location, which was still in the same plaza, to their current one to accomodate her customers.  Michelle Beathard started taking her daughter Isabella to open play when she was 18 months old.  She now has a two year old son Noah as well and has enrolled her children in several of their classes throughout the last few years.  Michelle says "The Bright Spot, for us, has been a great place for kids, but also as a mom... to talk about my successes and failures... it's a nice break."  Michelle talked to me about all the support she receives from the community of parents who take their kids there.  For her, it's also about trust.  "My son is my velcro baby... wants mommy all the time... but at The Bright Spot... from day one he walked in like he owned the place... no tears... which is miraculous."  Michelle tells me the reason is Dawne and the environment she's created.  She employees a staff of four, Marie, Katie, Amanda and Lilli.  Marie is so passionate about working there and her friendship with Dawne, she's started a gofundme campaign she's promoting on Facebook to try and raise money for an investor.  Even reading some of the comments from the contributors, you can see how The Bright Spot has not only become a destination for families, but a family in itself.  Dawne plans to leave sometime at the end of January and has high hopes for a buyer, in fact, she already has had some interest.  She tells me she wants "someone with a vision and commitment to early childhood education."  The play place is an indoor playground for kids to run around.  It also offers classes and drop off programs.  If you're interested in learning more or buying The Bright Spot, Dawne would like you to email her @


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