Why I Waited to Have Kids

I had my first child when I was 35.

During my first doctors visit, my OB explained to me that because I would be 35 when I delivered, I would be of "Advanced Maternal Age" which is considered high-risk. Before I even got to the doctors office, I was excited, overwhelmed and terrified.  So, hearing that term for the first time rattled my already fragile nerves even more. Was it irresponsible trying to have a baby when I was considered "old" in terms of reproducing? Would my baby be healthy? I knew how many candles I'd earned on the cake that year, but never really thought of myself as old.  Then you get poked and prodded and tested for everything under the sun on top of it all. Scary stuff. Now, I read this article about just how common it is to have your first child at age 35. In fact, it's shifting the average. The reasons are many, so I can only speak for myself. Most importantly, for me, was that I found the man I wanted to start a family with and spend the rest of my life with. I knew I wanted to co-parent and didn't find the right person to do that with until I met my husband. We had jobs, we wanted children, it felt right. Simple as that. It wasn't some great big plan I thought of when I was little. In fact, I always pictured myself as having children when I was young, but that didn't happen, and how great is that? Sometimes what you thought you wanted happened as it was supposed to. I wouldn't change a thing.  I love my family. If I had had children earlier in life, it wouldn't have been THIS family. So, yes, medically, I'm sure it would have been ideal to have a younger body carry my babies, but I am happy to be a mature mama who couldn't wait to take care of my girls. Maybe I'm more exhausted than a mom in her 20's, maybe not. But, one thing is for certain, becoming a mom, even at 35, was the single best decision I have ever made. I feel so incredibly blessed to have the priviledge, regardless of the fact that I might have more grey hair than the other moms! That's what hair dye is for! 


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