Where's Baby?

Sitting at a stoplight, I glanced over and saw a picture of a baby on a truck with the caption, 'Where's Baby?'

The website, started by Connecticut Children's Injury Prevention Center and supported by the Connecticut Department of Transportation, Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital and Safe Kids Connecticut, is devoted to making sure parents and caregivers don't forget children in the back seat of a hot car. (If you think, hey, I would NEVER do that, then read this story one mom wrote.) Wheresbaby.org includes information about how quickly the temperature rises inside a car even when it's mild outside. According to CCMC, a child's body temperature can increase three to five times faster than an adult. That can lead to heatstroke, which CCMC says is the leading cause of non-crash related deaths for children 14 years old and younger. Since 1998, 38 children have died in hot cars, a little boy from Ridgefield was among them. 

Safe Kids says remember to A.C.T. to prevent heatstroke. 

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