Waiting Game

"Just a minute", "Wait a minute", "What did I say? I'll be there in a minute!"

Instant gratification.  It just doesn't happen fast enough for my three year old! When my daughter wants something, she apparently thinks there is a magical fairy that will make it happen immediately. She's learned all about magic from movies, but explaining the concept of real time is a challenging one.  She's even taken up chanting.  "I want an apple, I want an apple, I want an apple."  I'll be making dinner, helping her sister, doing laundry, working, talking on the phone, sending an email, whatever it is, the response is always the same, "wait a minute." I get that I'm the adult here and it's my job to remain calm, but sometimes, in that moment, you lose your train of thought or get frustrated because, you just wanted to FINISH ONE THING! At any rate, after reading this article, I realize I'm part of the problem.  I get frustrated when my computer won't just send that email faster or if I'm in a hurry and hit every red light.  So, I am going to pledge to try and take a deep breath and wait, because that's the only way my daughter is going to learn, patience Mama!

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