The Season of Rudolph

"Rudolph's on tonight!" my mother would say when my siblings and I were little. We all gathered around the TV in our PJ's, waiting for "Sam" the snowman to swish his way around the North Pole, telling the tale of the reindeer with the red nose who saved Christmas.

Many years have passed since that first time I saw "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", but the excitement hasn't waned. I'm looking forward to the next time I can watch it on TV (December 1st, 8pm on CBS) with my daughters so I can feel like a kid again and carry on a silly, nostalgic tradition in my family. Since I've become an actual grown up, I text my mom and siblings my favorite lines as we all watch, from our own homes. Some that come to mind:

"Who ever heard of a skinny Santa?" (says Mrs. Claus)

"She thinks I'm cute!" (what Rudolph says after he talks to Clarice and he flies for the first time)

"Hey, what do you say we both be independent together?" (Hermey says to Rudolph when they realize they're both "misfits") 

I'll stop, but I could go on and on. You get it. I'm a little obsessed. Well, now you can see the whole gang on stage! Rudolph, Santa, Hermey, Clarice, Yukon and the Abominable will be performing at the Bushnell's Morensen Hall in Hartford! Tickets are on sale now for the December 11-14 shows. One of the shows, on December 13th, offers a sensory-friendly performance. For more information on show times, ticket prices or directions, click here

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