The Muppets Are Back!

Every Sunday night growing up, my sisters and I would countdown until 8 o'clock when "The Muppet Show" was on! I can still hear the theme song in my head, "it's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights..." For me, the return of "The Muppets" is nostalgic. It brings back fond memories of my sisters and I laughing at "Animal" playing the drums, "The Swedish Chef" trying to stuff "Camilla The Chicken" into a pot or "Fozzie Bear" saying "waka, waka!" thinking he's being funny! It was great bonding time with my dad. But, he also thought it was just as funny as we did, especially "Statler" and "Waldorf's" dry sense of humor that, at the time, over our heads!

But, apparently, that's exactly what Jim Henson was going for. I recently watched a documentary on PBS about him with my husband and learned he struggled with creating a show for children, because he intended "The Muppets" to be for adult audiences. In fact, the group One Million Moms is boycotting the new ABC show "The Muppets" that debuted Tuesday night. The group says the new show is "not suitable for family viewing." 

I watched the debut of "The Muppets." I knew the second time around wouldn't be the same, but I was looking for a fraction of that childhood laughter. I enjoyed seeing all the characters again and thought their personalities were in tact, the way Henson intended. That being said, it isn't appopriate for young children, just the kids at heart!

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