The Illusionists: Fun for Kids of All Ages!

Our boys' birthdays are very close together - four days apart - in September.  So, their grandparents often plan an "event" where we celebrate both occasions.

Last night, "Birthday Bonanza" continued at The Illusionists: Live from Broadway at The Bushnell in Hartford.

WOW!  What a show!  This darkly choreographed production features seven of the world's most notorious illusionists.  The MC, if you will, is Jeff Hobson (AKA "The Trickster") who warms up the crowd with a hilarious mixture of comedy and magic.  While plucking willing participants from the audience, he entertains with a truly funny routine, filled with spontaneous remarks.

This past season, my boys enjoyed watching America's Got Talent and were especially enthralled by the magicians.  So, this kind of show is in their wheelhouse.  At times, it's a little gory.  Dan Sperry (AKA "The Anti-Conjuror") appears to slice his own neck with dental floss.  A "move-the-quarter-around-the-body-trick" involves some fake blood and a little grossness.  But, most acts are performed with humor, and nothing was "too much" for my guys - ages 10 and 12.

The biggest stress of the night - however - arrives right before intermission when Andrew Basso (AKA "The Escapologist") embarks on a Houdini-esque escape from an "underwater cell".  We were on the edge of our seats!  My younger son hid his face in his sweatshirt - nearly overcome by the suspense!  But, after 4 minutes of nerves, the audience erupted into applause...a very cool trick to witness.

Mom's favorite act involves Yu Ho-Jin (AKA "The Manipulator"), an amazing, mysterious, artistic magician.  Accompanied by beautiful, ethereal music, he makes cards appear and disappear with an elegance and grace that is really stunning.

The show runs through Sunday night at The Bushnell's Mortensen Hall.  Tickets are still available.  Also, The Illusionists continues-on to Broadway for a holiday run, November 19th through January 3rd at the Neil Simon Theater.


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