Take Your Child to the Library Day

Saturday is the 5th annual Take Your Child to the Library Day.

I've been going to the library with my daughters since they were little and have found my local branch to be very welcoming. Besides the obvious draw being books, it's also a great place for kids to socialize and parents to meet other families. That's what the day is designed to do. Educate families about how much fun their library can be and what activities they provide. For example, most have a weekly story-time featuring crafts for kids. Just make sure you check beforehand if you need to pre-register. 

Take Your Child to the Library Day was first organized in 2011 as a grassroots literacy project in Connecticut. It is now an international initiative. According to the Connecticut Library Consortium, 95% of Connecticut libraries participated last year. Be sure to check out this website for more information. It includes a map of the state showing which cities and towns are participating this year. You can also call your local library to see what they have planned for Saturday.

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