New Study: 'Shared Parenting' is Best for Kids After Divorce

new study published by the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health - and recently featured in Time Magazine - asserts that kids greatly benefit from "shared parenting" after divorce because substantial time with both Mom and Dad equals less stress for children.

The founder of the National Parents Organization is speaking out, celebrating the results of this 150,000 person study. 

In a press release, Dr. Ned Holstein responds:

“I am pleased to see yet another study conclude that children need and want shared parenting, and I hope that legislators and governors in every state in the nation will react to the overwhelming research in favor of shared parenting by passing family court reform that allows more children to experience the constant love and care of both parents.”

According to this article in the Wall Street Journal, twenty states are considering changing laws to give dads more rights to their kids after divorce.

And, in this National Parents Organization Shared Parenting Report Card, Connecticut received a "D".  A representative of the organization says this shows that Connecticut has a long way to go in terms of encouraging equal parenting time over sole custody after divorce.







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