Apps To Monitor What Your Kids Are Doing

"Hi Dad!" 

My oldest daughter is now allowed to answer my phone IF I see the number on the screen first and give her permission. Most of the time, it's my husband and she immediately starts spurting off run-on sentences about what she's doing. But clearly, it hasn't always been like this. When I learned to use the phone, we never knew who was calling (or if we wanted to talk to them for that matter!) My mom taught me to answer, "hello, who is this?" and explained I should never offer up any extra information about my name or address.

Caller ID, smartphones, texting, email, apps and social media have now complicated that process 10 times over. While I realize all of those options can be a convenience, without monitoring, they can also be dangerous for kids. How can parents keep tabs on their kids tech activities without hovering over their every move? Check this out. It lists three Apps for parents to monitor what their children are doing and who they're talking to.

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