Safer Search Engine for Kids

Parents have a new aid in their quest to keep their kids internet searches PG!

Google recently launched Kiddle. It's a search engine designed specifically for children. So, instead of them being able to see and read anything and everything the internet has to offer, Kiddle imposes limitations. They're basically the parent police. Much like google, you can search the web, images, news or videos, but this time, the content will be appopriate for kids. So, if they search a celebrities name, it will only include information, pictures or video that are kid-friendly, meaning, it'll leave out the racy stuff (if there is any!).

Pulled from Tech TimesThe first one to three results will include safe sites and pages that are written specifically for kids that are handpicked and checked by the editors. The next four to seven results will feature sites that include content that is written in simple language so that young children are able to comprehend what they are researching. These too are handpicked and checked by the editors. Results eight and onward include sites written for adults that are still filtered by Google safe search but are a bit harder for children to comprehend.

Try using it yourself. I won't share which words I tried, let's just say it passed the test! 

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