Recycle Your Breast Pump

When your family is complete, it's good to know, you can help someone elses!

Medela is now recycling used breast pumps. 

While you've always been able to pass down, donate or sell the kids clothes, toys or cribs once they grow out of it, up until recently, your old breast pump went to waste. 

Now, Medela is offering a program where they recycle the motor and even pick up the cost for you to ship it to them!

According to Medela, each pump we receive through Medela Recycles supports the donation of new hospital-grade, multi-use breastpumps and supplies to Ronald McDonald House Charities®. Meaning, Medela doesn't reuse the parts, they recycle them, but agree to donate new pumps to charity.

There's a list of FAQ on the website, including what to do with all the other parts, since the tubing, etc, can't be donated.

Important to note, the program only accepts Medela brand breastpumps.  

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