Read These Books Before Kindergarten

Preschool was one thing, but, (gulp) I can't believe I will have a kindergartner come fall!

My four year old will soon be five and in school, all day, "like her cousins" I tell her. I know it didn't happen all of a sudden. Clearly, the days, weeks and months have snuck up on me. I'm not pretending the time we've spent together was always easy. It's been a bittersweet mix of seemingly endless snow days along with trips to the park and kitchen dance parties, days I'll always cherish.

Common Sense Media has a little homework for you and your child before kindergarten (don't worry, we're not talking Common Core, yet!) Check out this list of ten books to read before you pack their lunch and send them off with a big hug (maybe more for you, then them!)  

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