Raffi's Return!

"It's a Raffi day" my 4 year old will say on the way home from school. "Baby Beluga" or "Apples and Bananas?", I'll ask. She and her sister take turns having control of the radio/CD player in the car.

She recently fell in love with the 67 year old Canadian's music after my sister passed along her old Raffi CD's from her first born. 15 years later, a new generation will get to hear his catchy tunes! Raffi is coming out with a new album, Owl Singalong in January! Raffi's popularity carried him through the last decade, when he only put out one new album, Love Bug, just last year.

If you've never had the pleasure of getting some of Raffi's songs stuck in your head, I encourage you to take a listen! I find myself singing along with the girls, who are often giggling through them! 

This interview with Raffi goes into more detail about his inspiration, interests and why, despite his obvious love of children, he never became a father.

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