Princess Charlotte

The hype started when we learned the Duchess of Cambridge was expecting baby number two.  The curiosity then turned to speculation over "boy or girl", followed by the birth announcement, and now the name.

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was born Saturday morning London time to Prince William and Duchess Kate of Cambridge.

It's a beautiful name, Elizabeth after her great-grandmother and great-great grandmother, Diana for William's late mother and Charlotte, is the feminine version of Charles, the paternal grandfather.  Even here in the states Charlotte has been a popular choice. Most recently Chelsea Clinton naming her daughter Charlotte.

But, for parents who already have daughters named Charlotte, the reaction to the choice was mixed. In fact, my cousin Kim who lives in Stamford, has a two year old daughter named Charlotte. She was not thrilled when news spread. "My first reaction was annoyance... family and friends were texting and sending me emails about how it's the princesses name, I think they thought I would be flattered, not so much."  Kim went on to say "I wanted a unique name, I didn't want my child to be in school with a bunch of kids with the same name."  Kim tells me she wasn't always set on Charlotte.  "I had started going through lots of lists... Charlotte wasn't our first choice but it was one that my husband liked."  She went on to say "I checked websites to see what ranking the name was and it wasn't even on the top 50 names that year."  That's already changed, but of course not yet because of the Royal family.  According to this website, Charlotte is now in the top 20, ranking lucky number 13 in 2014. 

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