Preschool Pick-Up

"I want a snack NOOOOW!" my preschooler barks at me at pick-up.

"Excuse me?", I say, "Where are your manners?" 

It's like all the rules go out the door after school. My daughter is four and full of sass. However, she is also smart and sweet and tired after school, but that doesn't mean she gets a free pass to be nasty!

Since the first day of preschool, pick-up time has been a challenge. She's often short, impatient and hungry (right after lunch mind you!) I know she enjoys school. She is learning so much and looks forward to playing with her friends and hugs them all goodbye. She also likes her teacher, who gives her rave reviews about her behavior! "Oh, really?" I ask her. Not that my daughter isn't amazing, but she sometimes struggles with listening to directions when we're home. While I'm obviously pleased to hear she is such a good student and listens to others and is polite, what about her behavior at home?  This Parents magazine article explains it to a tee! It also helped me better understand why she has such a hard time right when I pick her up! Lesson learned! 

Any similar stories from other parents? 

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